Use cases

How PlanBoard helps you organize, plan and schedule better in Manufacturing, Logistics and Industrial settings.

Shipping Calendar

Drag-and-drop for building the calendar. All details of projects or work orders can be bulk-uploaded. All changes to project details and scheduled items are tracked and auditable. Updates in schedule can be emailed to customers or sales reps (coming soon). Project values, and dollars-shipped reporting is real-time and always available.

Service Calendar

Service jobs can be added to schedule with ease. Technician assignment tracked and metered. Real-time tracking of open service jobs. Service tickets can be pushed into schedule with easy integration with ticketing systems such as Zendesk.

Maintenance Calendar

Department- or equipment-specific tasks. Recurring and periodic tasks are easily added and tracked (coming soon). Real-time reporting of maintenance hours, materials and resources used.

Production Schedule

Multiple production lines managed in easy-to-use user interface. Overall view of each stage of production for each work order can be accessed to track status and determine bottleneck areas/times. Dependency report (coming soon).

Installation Calendar

Schedule installation jobs. Coordinate technicians and customer communications seemlessly. Access to real-time measure of capacity utilization.

At-Saw Plan

Schedule when Work Orders enter the first stage of production/cutting.

Delivery Schedule

Plan and communicate seemlessly with your customers.

Truck/Route Plan

View geo-mapped delivery points per vehicle (coming soon). Build truck load with easy, drag-and-drop interface. Real-time reporting of truck load and space. Customer notification about estimated time of arrival and status.