About Us

We are a group of techies and operations professionals helping manufacturers run their business better and more profitable. While working with small and med-sized manufacturers, we heard a repeating story:

We manage our shipping calendar in a spreadsheet that our coordinator manages and sends out via email daily.

We heard variations of this story replaces "shipping calendar" with "installs schedule", "production plan", "at-saw schedule", … and "coordinator" with "shipping manager", "service manager", "operations manager", …. We sometimes heard about whiteboard and prints being used. We heard about schedule changing without management or sales knowing about it.

So, we thought there has got to be an easier way to manage and communicate these schedules. That's how we created PlanBoard.

PlanBoard helps you organize, plan and schedule better in Manufacturing, Logistics and Industrial settings. See our use-cases page for more information about how this easy-to-use software platform helps you manage various parts of your business operations.