Plan it — Make it — Ship it!

We work with small and mid sized manufacturers who traditionally plan and schedule workorders, job and projects on a whiteboard, shared calendars or spreadsheets. PlanBoard is an easy-to-use alternative solution which systematizes this process; PlanBoard can operate as a standalone tool or can integrate within your existing suite of tools such as ERP, MRP, CRM, ….

We find that by using PlanBoard, our clients gain efficiency of about a full-time equivalent whose time can be spent on higher value business activities rather than reconciling calendars with other departments and systems.

Ease of Use

PlanBoard's modern user-interface allows schedulers to add items (shipment, production-start appointment, installation appointment, etc) via drag-and-drop from a convenient “backlog” of items ready and prioritized to be scheduled.


Integration with your existing ERP, Accounting and other systems is easy and cost effective. By virtue of being connected to other systems, users and management can get real-time updates and reporting as the schedule evolves.

Communications & Notifications

The solution enables real-time updates to be shared with multiple colleagues (and clients), resulting in increased efficiency and transparency in communications.